Although the main focus at our meetings is fellowship, this group of women are called on to convene many of the Church activities and fund raisers such as the garage sale, the Christmas bazaar, funeral receptions and many other events that go on in the life of the church.

In February, 2018 the Fellowship served a Valentine Tea to the residents of the Rotary Apartments in Lachute.  Approximately 30  to 35 Seniors enjoyed the fresh sandwiches and sweets with many cups of tea and coffee. This is the eighth year for this wonderful gathering which is equally enjoyed by both groups of people.  Special thanks to Karen for her care in making everything so beautiful and to all of the Fellowship for their contributions. 

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Our last meeting was held on Thursday, December 14 at Noon at the Chateau Montebello for our Annual Christmas Buffet Dinner. Please see the slideshow below. 

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Our meetings have evolved from gatherings in the evening to the present where we gather for a lunch provided by the gracious hostess.  Our group offers support of all kinds, not just to each other, but to the community of Lachute and by our outreach to the greater world.

The picture on the left below was taken at our Christmas lunch at Chateau Montebello.  The picture on the bottom was taken at our closing dinner in June, 2016.

The next meeting for the Women's Fellowship will be held on March 8, 2018 at the home of Karen Napp.  If you would like to become a member of the Fellowship, you would be most welcomed.  Please call Ann Mason, (our President for 2018) at 450-562-7217



fellowship supper                         Fellowship in june