One of the easiest ways for parishioners to donate to our church is through Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR)

  • Pre-Authorized PAR Form

  • “I give by Pre-Authorized Remittance because St Simeon’s is one of my priorities”
  • “Whether or not I am there, St Simeon’s has on-going commitments every week that need my offering. St Simeon’s is important to me, and so is my financial commitment to its work. That is why I use the PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance) system to fulfill my commitment.” 

What is PAR?
If you have automatic debits going from your bank account to pay for insurance, cable TV, taxes, fuel, or mortgage, then you understand the PAR principle. It means regular contributions throughout the year. 

Many people use the PAR system for their church offering, finding it a convenient way to take care of their regular commitments to the church month by month. You can participate in this program.

How Does PAR Work?
If you agree to contribute through PAR, your account would be automatically debited on the 20th of each month and St Simeon’s account credited with the amount you have contributed.

Being on PAR means you no longer have to “bring” your offerings every week. However, if you wish, you can simply mark “PAR” on your envelope, and place it on the offering plate as usual. You can also use your envelopes for any special donations you wish to make.

Who Administers PAR?
The United Church of Canada administers this program. They have graciously allowed other churches to make use of this program. There is a small administrative fee that St Simeon’s will pay to use this service for each debit processed.

Advantages to YOU
1. Regular support to St Simeon’s in the amount that you choose

2. Support of your home church when you are away

3. Avoiding “catch-up” periods 

4. You will continue to get envelopes that you can use for any special contribution you may wish to make. 

Advantages to St Simeon’s
1. Regular, dependable flow of contributions

2. Reduction of paper work and bookkeeping

3. Reduction in bank overdrafts

How do I join?
If you would like to participate, then you:

1. Decide the amount of your monthly offering.

2. Fill in the Pre-Autorization PAR Form. Put it in an envelope together with a sample cheque from your account marked “Sample” or “Void”.

3. Place that envelope on the offering plate or give it to PAR Coordinator, Grace Dubeau.

4. You will be informed when the first PAR debit will be deducted from your chequing account.

For further information contact PAR Coordinator, Herb Sioui at 450-562-8451or please speak with one of the wardens.

There are always a lot of questions about automated payments like this:

Q: You say the debit is processed on the 20th of each month. Does this ever change?
A: If the 20th falls on a Sunday or national holiday, the debit will occur on the next business day. Otherwise, the date is not variable.

Q: I have decided to change the amount of my contribution and/or make some changes to the distribution of my contribution. How do I do this?
A: Notify the PAR coordinator in writing or by email prior to the 10th of the month to ensure the requested changes take place that month. If it is left too late, the changes will occur the subsequent month. Written notification can also be made by completing a fresh PAR Authorization Form, clearly marking it “CHANGES”. You will receive positive confirmation that your request has been acted upon.

Q: Oops, I changed banks last month and forgot to notify PAR. What happens now?
A: If the amount cannot be debited to your account, for whatever reason, the Church doesn’t get the remittance, and your PAR status is suspended pending further instructions. To resume your PAR donations, please contact the Coordinator and provide a new sample cheque marked “VOID”. You will receive confirmation indicating when your donations will resume.

Q: How much does this cost St. Simeon’s? After all, I don’t want to see money wasted on excessive administration costs.
A: The fee is 50¢ per giver per month, to a maximum of $45 per month regardless of the number of givers. There are no other charges. This will in fact result in a modest net saving.

Q: Who is responsible for tax receipts?
A: Givings in the plate and givings by PAR are combined by the Envelope Secretary and treated identically for tax receipt purposes.

Q: I am uncomfortable not putting something in the plate, and how this might be perceived by others. How should I handle this?
A. You could simply put an empty envelope on the plate and write PAR on the front of it.