It is with great regret that we inform the public that St. Simeon's will not be hosting the Annual Congregational Christmas Bazaar this year.   Please read the attached article which will appear in the Advent Newsletter this Fall.

St. Simeon`s has hosted a Christmas Tea and Bazaar for countless years.      It was first organized by the Ladies’ Guild who, after many years of managing the Bazaar invited the help of the Women’s Auxiliary, The two groups shared many members at the time and later both became a part of the Anglican Church Women (ACW)   

Several years ago, the Women`s Fellowship took over the organization of the Bazaar and from that point on, the Bazaar became a Congregational Bazaar with all of the profits going directly to the church.

The Wardens of St. Simeon`s have made the difficult decision this year to cancel the Bazaar because of a lack of people willing and able to offer the many hours of work needed to prepare for the event.    Our Bazaar has always been a community event, appreciated by all who have attended and I am sure that it will be missed this November.

The Bazaar usually made a profit of approximately $2,600.  Since the costs of your baking and or crafts and your time have always been freely given for the success of the event, we are asking the people of St Simeon`s to consider making a donation to the church funds for the amount that they would have spent preparing for and attending the Bazaar.  We suggest that you put your donation in an envelope, clearly marked Bazaar and indicating your name and envelope number.  A receipt will be issued, included with your regular annual giving.

The Wardens sincerely thank everyone for their contributions over these many years.  It is because of the warmth, cheerfulness and generosity of our people that our Bazaar was always such a success..