A very special Memorial...

One of our young parishioners, Katie Heatlie who is presently attending St. Lawrence College, has initiated a fund raiser that touches our hearts here in St. Simeon’s.  She has been selling (Click on) Epicure Products  and donating all of the proceeds to St. Simeon’s in memory of Shelby Lee Teresiuk who died in April of 2018 at the age of 7.   Please read on to find out what we have planned.

Katie tells us that Shelby was a very important person to her – a friend who taught her many valuable lessons despite her very young age. 

St. Simeon’s has created a Memorial Fund in Shelby Lee’s name and our Family service team has decided to use the profits and donations to create The Shelby Lee Library, offering Christian books for children in the church.  This project has been given a boost as Shelby’s family has offered to donate some of her books to this library.

If you would like to support this cause,  you can still donate  by putting an envelope on the offering plate clearly marked The Shelby Lee Library.