On Sunday, July 22nd, we said good bye to Rev. Nick Pang - with some sadness but with very grateful hearts.  Nick has shared his many talents with all ten congregations of the Laurentian Regional Ministry over the past 3 years and he will be remembered especially for his gifts as priest and pastor, teacher and counselor.  Please click Read More for more details

Approximately 70 people gathered for a Eucharist service at 11 am and many more joined us for the barbeque which had originally been planned in the local park.  Rain caused a rethink that plan, so the barbeque was held in St. Simeon`s hall where everyone but the cooks were able to stay dry!

The people of the LRM presented Nick with a charcoal painting by local artist Ginette Masson.  The painting is a rendition of a beautiful photo that Nick had taken of a sunrise over Lake Emily, which is a short walk through the field behind the rectory in Lachute.  Nick also received a generous amount of money to help him on his journey.

We wish Nick many blessings in his new role as priest of St. Saviour`s Church in Penticton, B.C and we thank him for the many blessings he has generously given to us.

Painting gift