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Bible stories. Praise and Prayer. Fun and crafts.
The Family service team has planned a special service for everyone on May 10 at 2 PM on Zoom.
Click Read More for more information about this special family services.
The team has tried to keep some of the elements of our regular Family services and we are very happy to have Gordon leading the songs for us.  There will be stories and even a craft (children will need to have two pieces of white letter paper on hand along with some markers or crayons) 
The Scripture for this Sunday is John 14: 6  I am the Way, the Truth and the Light.
Notification of the  Service will be sent to all of our members in the next weeks.  Please contact Edna Hall or Rev. Nick for information if you have not received an email before this service. 
It will be wonderful to gather together again.  Come and join the fun.
Our family service is a casual worship service for people of all ages.  We welcome you!
For information about our Family service and about our recent Christmas Pageant - especially to read about our special visitor and to see some pictures please click on the link below.
On December 9, 2018 approximately 80 people gathered in St. Simeon's for the Annual Christmas Pageant titled "What's so Special?"  .  As the children arrived, they were offered  the opportunity to become either a Shepherd or an angel  to take a part in the beautiful scene of the gathering at the manger.  The atmosphere was electric by the time the service began as Cassie lit the 2nd Advent candle.  
 The Church was filled with happy and excited voices as families and friends gathered for the Annual Christmas Pageant on December 9, 2018.  As the children arrived they were transformed into shepherds or angels.  When the presentation started, Jenna called on an old friend, Lamb to help tell the Christmas story, as it had been passed down through her family from her Great, great +++++ great Aunt Baaa-rbara.  Several children read parts of the story and as the story continued, a tableau slowly gathered around Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus at the front of the Church   The feeling of joy and expectation filled the entire gathering.  At the offertory, children brought gifts to the steps of the chancel.  These gifts will be distributed to children in our community.
The Christmas Pageant is organized by a team of dedicated lay people led by Edna Hall.  The entire congregation thanks them for their succesful work in bringing joy to all who were present. 
Special thanks to Lilly and to Cassandra for playing the roles of the baby Jesus and Mary so beautifully. Thanks to all who read their parts so well: Sheldon, Bobbi, Katie, Virginia, Victoria, McKenna, Ava, Julia, Russell, Emerson and especially to Lamb (Helped by Rolanda) and Jenna. Thanks to Janis and Gordon for their musical skills and leadership.  Thanks to Rev. Tania Lesack, Deacon for the Laurentian Regional Ministry for her participation and leadership through the service.  Thanks to all of the adults who willingly took their roles to the delight of all - even the three Wise Guys! 
Please take a moment to watch the slide show below.

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St. Simeon's offers a family service on the second Sunday of each month from February to June, and September to December.  All services are at 9:15 am.  This ministry is fun for all ages and focuses on bringing the Bible stories to children.  Come join us for learning, prayer and singing praise, all in a casual format.  All are welcome.


Our roots:  In September, 1999, a small group of people met to discuss the possibility of offering a monthly worship service geared to the many families living in our area. The first Alternate service was held on October 17, 1999 at 8:45 am with several families and their young children attending. Over the years, the service has evolved and our families have changed, but this worship service continues regularly on the second Sunday of the month from September to June.

 All of these services are organized and led by a dedicated group of laity under the guidance of the Priest. All people are welcome to attend and participate in this worship time.