Sunday, 2018-03-31   Easter Vigil
Scripture Reading:  Mark 16:1-8
            For Laurentian Regional Ministry, hosted by Holy Trinity, Ste Agathe


The rumble started deep within the bowels of the earth that night. It was so low and so faint you’d be forgiven for thinking it was your own heart, set aflutter. After all, that’s what happens when a heart is emptied of its love. Each beat resounds, it echoes around its empty chamber and the vibrations just don’t stop. The heart keeps beating, thump after thump after thump after thump after thump, but the shaking doesn’t stop and eventually it melds together and it feels just like a rumble, that starts deep within the bowels of the earth.

The light began faintly in the dark that night. A realization that something was coming. A glimmer caught out of the corner of your eye, the hairs on the nape of your neck standing at attention. A hope. A dream. Nothing more than that at first. An aspiration conceived deep within the heart of God. Something was coming.

Frightening. Hopeful. Pregnant with potential.

It was in the silence and the darkness of night that the light of the world returned. It wasn’t with a loud bang or a bright flash, it was hidden, just like the first time, on that silent night, at that tiny stable, in that backwater town.

The early morning air was so still, so heavy with promise that the three women winding their way up the hill towards the tomb couldn’t fathom what had just come to pass. Nevertheless, they were the first ones to the tomb, the first ones to be sent, the apostles to the other apostles, the heralds to the other heralds.

The rumble started deep within the bowels of the earth that night. It echoed through the lives of the women who were the first to the tomb, it echoed through the apostles who were sent to the four corners of the earth, it echoed through the church down the ages, it echoes still in you. The resurrection is your resurrection, the gospel is your gospel, because ever since that night Jesus Christ is alive and lives in you, and you in him, and this world has been forever changed.

“Voici la nuit, pour Israël le grand passage, la grande marche vers la terre de liberté; voici la nuit de la victoire, de la liberté pour tous les peuples où le Christ ressuscité triomphe de la mort.” Voici la nuit où nous sommes rachetés de l’esclavage par Dieu, créateur du ciel et de la terre. This is the night when all creation resounds with the voice of God, spoken deep within the bowels of the earth. This creation: it is still very good.

Alleluia! Christ is risen!